Tuesday’s election was definitely a huge victory for the GOP nationwide, but it would be a mistake to believe the candidates won entirely because of their individual campaigns.  Yes, there were some truly strong candidates and many of them fought their races very well, but there are also a lot of Republicans who owe their victories less to the ballot itself and more to a surprising benefactor: Barack Obama.

Indeed, many voters did this week what they failed to do in 2012, which was to hold their noses and vote for the lesser of two evils.  Mitch McConnell did not win his election because he was an exciting and vibrant politician, but because he can be counted on to protect the coal industry in Kentucky where Obama and the Democrats are trying to destroy it.  The same can be said for a number of other moderate candidates who were elected for one reason and one reason only: because they were the candidate least likely to cooperate with Obama.

This is not to say that the Republicans who won their races last night are not great, but most of them are not great yet.  They have yet to prove themselves.  Making promises is easy; any politician knows that, and every Democrat ever elected in modern times has made their career off promises alone.  The will to follow through on those promises is always what makes or breaks a Republican politician.

The winners in this election are now charged with a sacred duty, and that is to earn the victory which has been handed to them.  This election was not about bipartisanship and working together.  It was about an electorate telling our politicians that we want someone who will represent us and fight for us.  The people no longer want a Congress looking to reach out to the president and compromise with him.  They want a Legislative Branch willing to stand against a hostile Executive and an overreaching central government.

The American people do not want the blanket amnesty promised by the Democrat Party; neither do they want a continuation of the rampant spending and government growth we have seen in recent years.  They overwhelmingly want to see Obamacare dismantled, the restoration of a solid economy, a stronger position on national defense (ranging from the handling of ISIS to the management of the Ebola outbreak), and other such conservative positions championed.

Within hours of his party’s defeat, Obama has already broadcast his disdain for the will of the people.  In continuation of the same disastrous agenda which brought us to where we are now, he has begun his push for open borders and the legalization of the millions of criminal trespassers who have invaded our country in blatant defiance of our laws.

Obama’s executive powers do not grant him this authority under the Constitution, but that has never stopped him in the past.  This is a president who has routinely demonstrated a willingness to govern against the rule of law and against the best interests of the United States.  The question is: Do the Republicans have the backbone and the fortitude to stand up in defense of the Constitution and the American people?

What happens on immigration in the coming months will be the first test of Republican officials both new and old.  They have been given a mandate, and that mandate is clear: STOP BARACK OBAMA!  If they accept this task, and if they stand strong and do what they have been asked to do, then the country can be saved and the Republican Party will rise to power again.  If they back down, bow to the pressure of the media, and attempt compromise over patriotism and fortitude, then they will find themselves relieved of their power as swiftly as it was handed to them.

As the words go: “With great power comes great responsibility.”  The GOP has just been handed a great deal of power, and it is power granted with a specific purpose.  They cannot shirk this responsibility.  The American people are watching and they want action.  Now is the time to deliver.



America made a huge mistake in 2006.  Six years into the presidency of George W. Bush, the public became impatient and decided it was time for a change.  The Democrats and their media allies had been assaulting Bush nonstop since the 2000 election, which they have still never gotten over, and the never-ending attacks—and the refusal at the White House to refute their attacks—finally took their toll.

Five years of war against Islamic extremists, the perception of a stagnant economy, and a series of minor scandals amplified by the media allowed the Democrats to decimate Republicans in the midterms.  By the time the dust settled, not only was Harry Reid the majority leader in the U.S. Senate, but Nancy Pelosi was speaker of the House of Representatives.  Two of the most vicious and partisan lunatics to ever trod American soil were firmly in control of one branch of the legislative government and set to lay the groundwork for a Democrat to seize the White House.

Things were actually going quite well up until that point.  Despite claims to the contrary, the economy was humming along and unemployment was a fraction of what it is today.  The U.S. was still the world’s lone superpower, having successfully fended off Soviet Russia, and enjoying the world’s finest credit rating.  True, we had troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and Osama bin Laden was still on the loose, but Iraq was almost entirely pacified and the net was closing on the terrorist ringleader.  There had not been a successful strike on American ground since 9/11.

So what caused voters to reject the Republicans in 2006 and 2008?  Largely, things were going so well that the public forgot just how bad the alternative could be.  Yes, the Republicans had some problems of their own, but they were nothing compared to what we had under Democrat leadership.  If anything, the Republicans who were swept from office in the 2006 midterms were removed precisely because they were behaving too much like Democrats, spending and growing government as if there were no consequences to it.

In an attempt to clean this up the American public put the Democrats in charge of the House and Senate, which only made it worse.  The Democrats immediately set to work weakening the economy and ignoring the warning signs of the imminent collapse of the housing loan program which Jimmy Carter had put into place and Bill Clinton had made even more precarious.  When the bubble burst under a Democrat Congress and a Republican White House in the final months of an election year, only the Republicans took the blame.  Barack Obama swept into the presidency and the Democrats had full control of the Senate, the House, and the White House.

This was the beginning of a world run by children, and what we have seen since is the fallout.  Obamacare, Fast & Furious government-sponsored gunrunning on the Mexican border, Benghazi, the IRS weaponized against a political ideology, a skyrocketing national debt, the resurgence of Soviet Russia, the rise of ISIS, Americans beheaded on American soil in the name of Allah . . .  The list goes on longer than any one column has space to hold, and that is not even counting the background problems such as record real unemployment, the setback of American racial relations, the weakening of America on the global stage, and the return of a Carter-like malaise gripping the nation.

It is not an exaggeration to say that everything has gotten worse since the election of Barack Obama, but it is also short-sighted to forget that much of what now troubles us began due to Democrat control of Congress.  Even with the Republicans having retaken the House in 2010, Harry Reid’s control of the Senate has enabled him to block Republican legislation from even crossing Obama’s desk.  In the absence of this legislation, the Democrats have assailed the Republicans for having a “do-nothing Congress” (the media aids them in covering up that the Democrats still hold the Senate) and Obama continues to act as if he is a blameless bystander.

It is past time for America to put the grownups back in charge of running the country.  True, we cannot vote Obama out of office this time around, and we cannot even install a new president for two more years, but we can at least act to stop this one from bleeding the country dry.  The election of Republicans to office across the nation can—and will—go a long way toward shutting down the left’s disastrous agenda, and it could enable Republicans to lay the groundwork for another victory in 2016.

As Obama himself has said, he is not on the ballot, but his policies are.  As 2010 served an opportunity for the American public to voice their disdain for Obamacare, 2014 must serve an opportunity to reject everything else the Democrats have done in recent years.  It is time to begin the groundwork for healing the nation of the damage done in the past eight years, and it will be no easy task.  It will take far longer to put right everything that was allowed to go wrong.

In the meantime, a further challenge facing conservatives is that we must also work to remind the public of what led us to where we are now.  Low taxes and small government are not the problem; those are the things which hold back our problems.  The right to bear arms and a strong military presence are not what threaten us at home; those are the things which keep us safe.  The people cannot be allowed to forget the consequences which come from voting badly and electing unqualified, misguided, and criminal politicians into office.

Taking back the Senate on Tuesday will be only the first step in a long road to recovery, but it is a very good start.



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