Last week we discovered the Obama administration had secured the release of U.S. Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who had been held for five years by the Taliban in Afghanistan, all for the low low price of just five terrorists released from our Guantanamo prison facility.  With all the publicized pomp, speeches, and photo ops in the White House Rose Garden, we were obviously meant to feel this was a major win for the United States and our poor besieged commander-in-chief.

However, just hours later, we learned the incredibly disturbing details of just who Bergdahl and his family are, how he was captured, and who we set free to get him back.  Long story short: Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter at best and more likely a traitor who sympathized with the Taliban and sought to join them in their war effort against us.  Bergdahl’s disappearance then led to the deaths of at least six (and probably more) of his fellow soldiers who attempted to locate and rescue him and were killed for their efforts, possibly with intelligence provided by Bergdahl himself.  His father Robert, who took the occasion of his White House invite to praise Allah on national television, is also an apparent Taliban wannabe who frequently posts anti-American and pro-terrorist rants online and who has sworn his life to trying to free every murderous terrorist held at the Guantanamo facility.

To that end, the five terrorists we released to recover this worthless individual have been credited with the deaths of thousands of people and are assumed to soon return to their practice.  They have been described as the “Taliban Dream Team,” and while most of us would not recognize the names—there are no less than two Mohammads in there and roughly half the terrorists on the planet are also Mohammads—their job descriptions are the Taliban army chief of staff, a Taliban deputy minister of intelligence, a former Taliban interior minister, and two other senior Taliban figures.  These were high-value prisoners, to say the least, and we traded them off in order to secure and celebrate someone George Washington would likely have hung for treason.

The worst part is that this should be entirely expected by now as standard procedure from an administration which clearly has its priorities 180 degrees backwards.  We are still reeling from the recent revelation that the administration deliberately released 36,000 illegal aliens from prison in what is being rightly called the “worst prison break in history.”  These are criminals who at the least violated our federal laws in order to get here, and afterward went on to commit such crimes as theft, rape, and murder.  Again, like the Taliban we traded for Bergdahl, these are not just small-time offenders, but in many cases career criminals.  You or I would not see the light of day again if we were convicted of half of what these guys did, but since most of them are Hispanics, the Democrats would say we are racist to even mention this.

Indeed, the administration has routinely argued for reduced sentences and leniency for criminals across the board ever since coming into power, but perhaps no case exemplifies this as well as the nomination of Debo Adegbile as assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.  Adegbile was nominated for this position as a reward for—and not despite—his volunteer efforts on behalf of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.  Abu-Jamal was the Black Panther who shot police officer Daniel Faulkner in the back and then finished him off with a point-blank shot to the face as he lay dying in the street.  The murder took place in 1981 and it has since become a rite of passage among leftwing civil rights activists to volunteer their time and legal skills toward helping the infamous cop-killer in order to prove their own radical idealism.

It works, too.  Barack Obama took one look at Adegbile’s legal history with Abu-Jamal and said, “Yes, that guy; the one who tried to help out that guy who murdered that one cop in front of all those people.  That’s the guy I want heading up my DOJ’s Civil Rights Division.”  And in a way that makes sense, because he would have fit right in with fellow radical Eric Holder.  However, after the details of Adegbile’s past were publicized, Congress was forced to vote against his appointment and both Obama and Holder publicly seethed over the defeat.

But while the Obama regime has virtually limitless resources to fritter away when it comes to cop-killers, illegal aliens, and deserters, there are also a lot of people they will not lift a finger to help.  Veteran Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi stands as a perfect contrast to Bergdahl.  Tahmooressi was a soldier who served his country for years but was arrested over two months ago after taking a wrong turn on our southern border and illegally entering Mexico with several firearms in his vehicle.  Even though Tahmooressi immediately notified Mexican border guards of his weapons, his honesty bought him no leniency; the Mexican government takes illegal entry rather seriously, unlike our own government, which arms their drug cartels at our borders and promotes government assistance and amnesty.  Tahmooressi has spent the last nine weeks chained to a filthy bed, beaten mercilessly, and denied all care except the basic minimum to keep him alive.  While most observers agree the administration could recover Tahmooressi with just a single phone call, that call has never been attempted.  Meanwhile, Mexicans continue to pour into our country at record levels to join their 36,000 brothers who were recently released in the aforementioned government-sponsored prison break.

Meriam Ibrahim is another poor soul desperately in need of—and lacking—any assistance from the federal government.  Ibrahim is currently being held in Sudan along with her two very young children—one of whom was born during her captivity—and she has been sentenced to 100 lashes for the crime of being a Christian.  If those 100 lashes do not kill her, her captors will execute her one way or another afterward.  While not yet a recognized citizen in her own right, Ibrahim has actually married American Daniel Wani and the children imprisoned with her are also his, meaning Sudan has at the very least locked up two young American children and their mother.  The State Department is so far reluctant to intervene; whether this is because Ibrahim is a Christian or because she defied modern feminism by daring to be a mother, we can only speculate.

Similar in some respects to Ms. Ibrahim is Saeed Abedini, a Christian pastor and American citizen who has been imprisoned in Iran, also for the heinous crime of being a Christian.  While Abedini’s eight year prison sentence is not technically a death penalty, the Iranian government is going out of its way to see that it becomes incidentally fatal sooner or later.  Last November he was transferred to the notoriously brutal Rajai Shahr prison, where he has since nearly been murdered on at least one occasion.  The Obama administration blatantly overlooked the plight of Abedini last year when making concessions to the soon-to-be-nuclear Iran; a slap in the face of everyone already offended by the pastor’s imprisonment, as most observers agree Iran would have released the pastor like “pocket change” in these negotiations.

Speaking of deplorable care and violations of medical expectations, we need not look overseas to find examples of the government’s neglect of its citizens or its soldiers; we need only look as far as our own VA hospitals.  Prior to the Bergdahl scandal, we only recently learned of the administration’s shameful handling of medical care at the veterans’ hospitals which has led to the deaths of dozens—and perhaps even hundreds—of former American military personnel who certainly served with greater distinction than the man we just traded five high-value terrorists to win back.  The only thing necessary to save the lives of these soldiers would have been more efficient medical care.  (And don’t blame lack of funding here.  The people responsible for the criminal neglect of these American heroes did so in part because the corrupt bureaucracy rewarded them bonuses for doing so.  Get ready for more of that under Obamacare.)

And while the Obama administration was apparently watching Bowe Bergdahl’s situation like a hawk and claims they only acted as they did because his life was in serious danger of ending . . . well, do we really need to go over Benghazi again?  Four Americans, including our ambassador and two Navy SEALS, were casually allowed to die brutally on the anniversary of 9/11 as a result of pure neglect by Barack Obama and his underlings.  The administration refused to provide security prior to the attack, refused to render aid during the hours those men were fighting for their lives and the lives of everyone else on the ground there, and then spent the nineteen months since covering up their own deliberate failures.

And why was Benghazi allowed to happen in the first place?  Well to support the Obama campaign line that “Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.”  Yes, Barack Obama may have been freeing and defending Islamic radicals in recent months but he did risk his life to defeat our hated enemy Osama bin Laden, right?  Wrong.  SEAL Team Six were the heroes who put themselves in danger to bring bin Laden to justice; Obama only made sure to swoop in to steal all the credit.  Not only that, but during their effort to pat Obama on the back for “his heroism,” the administration also alerted the Pakistani government to the identity of Shakil Afridi, the Pakistani doctor who put himself at risk to help us identify bin Laden before the assault.  Afridi has since been arrested and locked away, never to be thought of again by the administration he helped to secure reelection, and almost certain to die in captivity for being a legitimate hero.

See a pattern here?  The more worthless, reprehensible, and outright criminal someone is, the more the Obama administration is focused like a laser beam on helping them.  The more good and heroic—and Christian—someone might be, the less Obama cares to intervene in their well-being.  It really is just that simple.

Recent speculation is that Obama fully intends to make good on his 2008 campaign promise to shut down Guantanamo before he leaves office.  Obviously, he has no regard as to the danger that may pose toward global freedom, or the laws he must break to make it happen.  And on that note, can anyone imagine the eleventh hour presidential pardons we will see from this administration?  Almost certainly, despite all which has come before, the worst is still yet to come.


Watching liberals bungle their way through foreign policy, it’s sometimes difficult to tell if they are being treasonous of just dangerously incompetent.  After all, they seem to know fully well what they are doing when they get themselves elected to office and try to consolidate power in order to rule over the civilian population, but when they are acting on the world stage they do nothing but degrade the hard-won strength and authority of the United States.

Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton both provide excellent examples of this, such as Carter’s empowerment of radical Islamist Iran and Clinton attempting to convert the military he admittedly “loathed” into a global Meals on Wheels program.  But as always the best example of the worst lies in Barack Obama.

Obama kicked off his presidency with a world tour in which he traveled the globe apologizing for America’s role as the champion of freedom and essentially promised that those days would come to an end under his administration.  So far, this appears to be one of the few promises he has kept.  Whether through backing the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt—going so far as to provide them with millions of dollars in state-of-the-art tanks and aircraft even as they promised to use those against our ally Israel—or handing control of Syria and Ukraine to Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Obama has done everything in his power to demonstrate just how dangerous it can be to elevate a community organizer to the role of commander-in-chief.

Michelle Obama’s entry into “hashtag diplomacy” is just the latest example of a major misstep by this administration.  Following the kidnapping of 276 young girls in Nigeria by the obviously-terroristic group Boko Haram (whom Hillary Clinton and the Obama State Department had previously refused to identify as a terrorist group), Mrs. Obama climbed on the Twitter bandwagon by releasing a now-viral image of herself sporting a pouting expression above a sign reading “#BringBackOurGirls.”  While leftwing sycophants everywhere have applauded Mrs. Obama for helping to “raise awareness” of the issue and are already crediting her for having a hand in the girls’ eventual safe return, the reality is the Obamas have again simply made a bad situation that much worse.

Despite the Obamas’ obvious preference to view themselves as celebrities first and responsible leaders last (leading from behind, anybody?), Michelle Obama’s attention-seeking public policy tweets are not the same as other such celebrity tweets.  Most celebrities have no power further than their own fame and fortunes.  When someone like Matt Damon tweets something stupid like “#ThrowMoreMoneyAtOurFailingEducationSystem” or “#SomeGuyClaimingToBeAScientistToldMeFrackingIsBad,” that’s actually a reasonably responsible attempt at speaking under the First Amendment.  Damon would be absolutely wrong, but he has no real power to influence law, other than getting fellow citizens and elected officials on board with his agenda, and sometimes publicly being an idiot is what freedom of speech is about.

Like it or not, Michelle Obama is married to the president of the United States, which automatically elevates Michelle herself to a position as one of the most powerful and influential people on the planet.  Michelle Obama has no reason to publicly tweet at people in positions of power, because Michelle Obama is in a position of power.  If Mrs. Obama wants to influence public policy or convince the president to rescue those kidnapped girls, all she has to do is go down the hall and have a discussion about it with Mr. Obama.  Publicly tweeting about such an issue, in her position, is nothing better than personal grandstanding and is effectively worthless.

Actually, this particular attention-seeking display is worse than worthless.  As a terrorist organization, Boko Haram’s primary objective is to get attention.  Terrorists are “terrorists” because they spread terror by getting people to take notice of their actions.  They don’t flat-out fight wars because they can’t win that way; a terrorist’s only path to victory lies in committing atrocities which force people to yield to them out of fear and an inability to stop them.  Their own publicity and the perceived helplessness of others are their greatest strengths.

Traditionally, strong governments and strong leaders have stood up to such terrorists and refused to be bullied by them.  When the Iranians took hostages in our embassy, Ronald Reagan made it clear this sort of action would not be tolerated.  When al Qaeda attacked us on 9-11, George W. Bush answered with a global war against terrorism.  A world leader makes demands and promises of action; he or she does not get in front of a camera and plead and pout.

If Obama had been president during 9-11, the administration’s response would have been a weepy Obama holding a card asking “#PleaseStopKnockingDownOurBuildings.”  At this point, we’re lucky Obama didn’t send Susan Rice out after Benghazi to grimace over the sign “#StopKillingOurAmbassadors.”

The White House and the Obama defenders throughout the media have claimed that Michelle’s goal in issuing this tweet was to shame the government of Nigeria into action and demonstrate American solidarity with the kidnapped girls.  However, this explanation is ignorance (at best) when taking into account how the statement was actually perceived: as a total admission of helplessness.

When dealing with terrorists, there are only a few acceptable policies.  One is to ignore the terrorist, which would have been possible in this situation since the United States was not directly involved.  Another would be to resolve the situation with decisive military force, such as with a rescue mission carried out by America’s best and bravest.  The absolute worst approach would be to grovel to the terrorists from a position of weakness, which is coincidentally exactly what Michelle Obama did.

When Mrs. Obama, First Lady of the United States, issued that tweet, she was effectively declaring that the terrorists had her attention, but that she—and by extension the rest of us—were unable to stop them.  If you are a terrorist, that’s exactly the sort of response you want to see.  Michelle Obama’s sign asking “#BringBackOurGirls” may as well have been a declaration stating “#AmericaSurrenders.”  Boko Haram essentially just got the green light to challenge us again because they know they have nothing to fear from the United States while the current leadership is holding the reigns.

As up-jumped community agitators with no experience in war, zero knowledge of military history, and possessing a total lack of awareness as to how terrorists operate, the Obamas probably can’t even begin to understand where they went wrong on this.  Even if they did understand, they likely wouldn’t care.  Mrs. Obama’s latest foray into pop culture commentary may have weakened our country on the global stage, but at least it served to rally her supporters to her side and distract the nation from her husband’s many, many political scandals, which is all the Obamas really care about.

We used to just worry about Barack Obama alienating such allies as the Israelis and the Brits while letting the Russians walk all over him.  Now we have Michelle Obama upsetting friendly countries on her many international vacations and empowering terrorists when she is back home.  “Two for the price of one,” as the Clintons used to say.

It’s almost enough to make us wish she would just stick with trying to starve our children.


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