I have occasionally heard it said over the last few years that we could not have a worse president in these troubling times than what we have now in Barack Obama.  While this statement is basically true, it skirts around the fact that we are experiencing these troubling times entirely because of Barack Obama.

We are experiencing a stagnant economy and high unemployment because of such Obama policies as big government redistribution and Obamacare.  We are experiencing heightened crime rates and racial strife because Obama and his minions are attacking the police and exaggerating racial issues throughout the country.  We are seeing a loss of our culture and our values because Obama and those like him are rewriting our laws and purposefully leaving our country open to invasion.

And now, in the midst of all of this chaos, we are witnessing the uprising of a global death cult in radical Islam because every action Barack Obama has taken on the global stage over the past seven years has brought us directly to this point.

Even before Obama was elected president in 2008, he was already providing words of comfort to our nation’s enemies and assuring them that the coming years would be very different from the war on terrorism we had conducted throughout the Bush years.  Obama promised to close the Gitmo detention facility no matter what.  He promised to pull American forces out of Iraq no matter what.  He went on a global tour and blamed George W. Bush and American policy for all the problems of the world, and he bestowed words of justification and understanding on our enemies from Russia to Iran.

When the oppressed people of Iran asked for help in casting off the chains of an evil regime, Obama ignored them.  However, when the Muslim Brotherhood rose to power in Egypt, Obama was right there to supply the Brotherhood with money, tanks, and state-of-the-art American fighter jets.  He only began to withdraw support from Egypt after their new Islamic regime was overthrown by a secular military government.

True to his word Obama pulled American forces out of Iraq and began releasing known terrorists from Gitmo, such as the five high-value prisoners he exchanged for deserter and Islamic convert Bowe Bergdahl.  Obama declared victory against al Qaeda just in time for his 2012 reelection, despite the successful terrorist attack in Benghazi which saw the death of our Libyan ambassador and three American heroes; Obama publicly identified this in speeches around the world as the fault of an “anti-Muslim video made by an American.”  And just like that, the terrorists of the world were assured they could carry out attacks like the one in Benghazi without fear of reprisals.

This is where ISIS comes in.  The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria—which Obama insists is in no way affiliated with Islam—took advantage of Obama’s abandonment of Iraq and refusal to commit to his “red line” threats, and quickly began carving out a base in Iraq and Syria from which to conduct terrorist operations throughout the world.  Even as our hard-won efforts in Iraq were stripped away by this new threat almost overnight, Obama shrugged off ISIS as “the JV team” and has consistently refused to identify them as any real danger (or as Islamic).

With Islamic violence spreading both geographically and in scope, Obama has continued to regard ISIS as a minor annoyance, if he bothers to regard them at all.  When the French magazine Charlie Hebdo was slaughtered in January of this year, Obama was conspicuous in his absence among western leaders who otherwise united in solidarity against the attack.  He was likewise disinterested when Middle Eastern Christians came under fire from ISIS and were driven out of their homes and butchered by the Islamists.  Rather than denounce the terrorists, Obama instead denounced those who sympathized with the plight of the Christians.  “. . . lest we get up on our high horse and think that this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ,” Obama rationalized.

It should be noted that Obama is always quick to both misconstrue history and to paint Christians with a broad and unkind brush, even as he eagerly leaps to the defense of Islam.

Only when Muslims began fleeing violence in Syria did Obama take any interest in helping refugees, insisting that we open our country to hundreds of thousands of them.  While this might not have been a problem with traditional, harmless refugees, we soon learned that there were less women, children, and elderly than there were healthy males of traditional terrorist age.  Both in the United States and in Europe, these “refugees” began driving up the crime rate and insisting our countries conform to their beliefs rather than gratefully assimilating into them.

Refusing to see the danger, the leftists governments of Europe were first to pay the price.  Most recently, this led to the massacre of more than 100 people at a concert in France.

Even after this horrible display of folly, Obama refused to rethink the refugee policy.  Rather, he has called for increasing the numbers and fast tracking the placement of refugee-disguised terrorists inside our borders.  He has responded to criticism of this by accusing his detractors of racism and cowardice.

But beyond the recent attacks in France, there was already precedent for our concern over Muslim “refugees.”  The family which carried out the Boston Marathon bombing two years ago was comprised of Muslims who had come here earlier as “refugees.”  The FBI and Homeland Security are very aware of Muslims actively working to recruit Islamic U.S. citizens to fight for ISIS both here and abroad, but the Obama administration and Democrat lawmakers refuse to listen to their warnings.  So-called “lone wolf” terrorists have attacked us horrifically on a smaller scale for years with such episodes as the Fort Hood shooting of dozens of American servicemen by a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar!”  Each time, the administration refers to these obvious incidents of Islamic terrorism as “workplace violence.”

Perhaps most horrifying of all, lost in the shuffle of more blatant violence, were the deliberate efforts of the Obama administration to secure nuclear weapons for the terrorist state of Iran.  Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry dissolved effective sanctions which had kept Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, virtually guaranteeing that it is now just a matter of time.  All throughout the process Iran flat out told us of their desire to put such weapons to use against us and against our ally Israel—to this day they openly shout “Death to America!”—all of which Obama and Kerry claim is just meaningless talk.

The bombings, shootings, and wars now happening around the world are not occurring coincidentally with Obama’s presidency; they are occurring because Obama is president.  Obama has forced America to step back on the world stage, leaving a gap in world power which has instead become filled by something evil.  At best Obama has ignorantly allowed this evil to multiply on his watch; at worst he has been deliberately aiding and empowering it.  The more time that passes, the more the latter appears to be true.

To whatever extent the Syrian refugee crisis is real, it can be traced directly back to the work of Barack Obama, and every crime and every death related to it is at least partially due to him.  People have and will continue to die because of him.

Amazingly, the majority of the political left still refuses to see any of this.  Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently put forth the claim that global terrorism is on the rise because of “climate change”!  How can anyone claim to see the connection between Islamic terrorism and a fictional phenomenon like “climate change,” and yet entirely miss the very obvious connection between Islamic terrorism and the policies of Barack Obama?

We now have more than a year left in the presidency of Barack Obama.  There is no telling what further damage will be done on his watch.  It is possible that enough damage has already been done that there is no going back.  Whether it is a mass shooting, a bombing, or even a nuclear weapon which hits us next, it is not an issue of if, but of when.  And when it happens, Barack Obama’s fingerprints will be all over it.


More than half a year after Michael Brown was shot and killed in self-defense by a police officer who was simply doing his job, the official government investigation into the matter finally announced that there was no evidence Brown’s death had anything to do with his race or that he was attempting to surrender at the time of his death.  Sadly, this revelation does little to comfort the accused officer whose life has been ruined, the community which has been left in shambles by repeated incidents of riots and looting, and the two officers who were shot only last week because they were in the wrong profession at the wrong time.

Brown himself was the monster whose self-destructive behavior and history of thuggish brutality led to his fatal altercation with Darren Wilson when Brown assaulted the officer, but the blame for everything that happened afterward can be laid on the media who created the fictionalized narrative of events, the useful idiots on the street who willingly bought into the lie, and the community activists-turned-politicians who fanned the flames further.

“Hands up, don’t shoot”: the infamous plea that never was.  Michael Brown did not have his hands up.  Michael Brown did not try to surrender.  We know this now because Eric Holder’s own Justice Department was forced to admit it after they were unable—despite their best efforts—to find any evidence contradicting Wilson’s version of events.  Indeed, all of the witnesses who came forth with contradictory accounts of the incident have since been discredited and—for the most part—admitted they were making it up.  Given the level of scrutiny heaped upon him, we know that if Wilson had done even the slightest thing wrong and the government had been able to pounce on it, they would have.  The reality of the situation may just be that Darren Wilson is the most squeaky-clean human being walking the planet.

Unfortunately, this does not fit with the leftwing narrative of race relations, which has been telling us for years that U.S. police forces are organizations of institutionalized racism which routinely target young black males for death.  The 6-foot-4-inch 292-pound 18-year-old Brown was described as a “child” gunned down “execution-style,” despite the fact that he was charging the officer at the time of his death only seconds after trying to wrestle the officer’s gun away from him (presumably to use on the officer himself).

As far as the media was concerned, they had their story long before the facts were widely known, and they did not hesitate to broadcast them.  Worse yet, they had a great deal of help from some naïve celebrities and some like-minded friends in government.  An entire panel of MSNBC commentators unanimously gave the “hands up, don’t shoot” salute in the middle of their “news” broadcast.  Likewise, the St. Louis Rams professional football team took to the field with a number of their players making the gesture a short while later.  Even after Wilson was cleared of indictment, a stage full of performers at the Grammys worked “hands up, don’t shoot”—again, something that NEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED—into their nationally broadcast musical number, demonstrating that perhaps the only thing worse than modern popular music is modern popular stupidity.

We can forgive professional athletes and musicians for their own lack of judgment, which often seems a prerequisite for their various lines of work, but we should not be so quick to forgive those whose job it is to seek truth and safeguard society.  Specifically, there is blood on the hands of Barack Obama and Eric Holder.

Following the shootings of the two officers in Ferguson last week, Eric Holder attributed the crime to the “cowardly” actions of a “damn punk.”  Perhaps no one would be better described by those words than Holder himself.  From the very beginning, Holder conducted his investigation as if Wilson were guilty of a crime and that it was only a matter of time before the DOJ had the evidence to prove it.  When they were unable to bring forth that evidence, Holder attempted to save face by laying down an indictment upon the entire organization stating that Wilson might not have been racist, but every other officer down there was.  Literally the very next week two officers were gunned down.  Exactly what did Holder think was going to happen?

Barack Obama is equally to blame.  First, Obama made the brilliant decision of hiring a racist like Eric Holder for his attorney general.  Second, Obama has elevated such embarrassments as Al Sharpton to positions of power by regularly meeting with Sharpton at the White House and employing him as a front man on public race relations.  Third, Obama cannot help but stick his nose into every little crime where race is hypothesized as a factor (whether it is Henry Louis Gates, Trayvon Martin, or Michael Brown), giving his own predetermined analysis of events, and subsequently being proven wrong.

Perhaps worst of all, Obama has the loudest microphone from which to speak—and he has no trouble using that microphone when he is going on a webcast to promote Obamacare or going on Letterman to insult Republicans—but he never uses that microphone when it might be beneficial, such as setting the record straight to a rampaging mob of protestors he himself has helped to whip up into a frenzy.

Then again, calming the public and mending race relations actually runs contrary to the agenda of a “community organizer.”  The dirty little not-so-secret is that Obama and Holder got exactly what they wanted out of Ferguson.  The nation is distracted from the administration’s assault on freedom, the citizenry are at each other’s throats, and all it took to get here was a couple of badly-injured cops.

And let’s not forget the New York City police officers who were murdered after communist Mayor Bill de Blasio sold them out.  The only ones being killed “execution style” in America are the police.

As Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton can tell us, there is big money to be made in the “racial injustice” industry, and as long as that is true there will be no peace.  The same goes for racial politics; just ask Obama and Holder.  Meanwhile, it is open season on the police and on the rest of us.  The criminals are the ones handing out “justice,” and their victims are our embattled police officers, our demolished communities, and truth itself.


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