Today is April 1st, and this can be a rather amusing day if you have a sense of humor.  April Fools’ encourages us to play pranks of all sorts with each other, and while I spent my day at work so that I might provide taxes to pay for Michelle Obama’s next family trip overseas, I did overhear a handful of rather clever lies which I am encouraged to pass along.

First, that legendary filmmaker and Star Wars creator George Lucas has passed on.

Second, that Norman Reedus was fired from The Walking Dead after a heated argument with the television shows’ producers.  Reedus portrays the show’s most popular character, so fans falling for this would be understandably outraged.

And third, that Obamacare, Barack Obama’s signature legislation and the most flawed and corrupt piece of trash ever signed into law actually managed to attain more than seven-million successful signups just in time for its April 1st deadline.  Call me skeptical, but I was more prepared to believe the news about George Lucas than I was ready to be suckered by this.

When Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services and part-time Cruella de Vil impersonator, was asked six months ago to identify what the number of signups for Obamacare would require in order to be successful, she claimed seven-million as the magic number.  Ever since then, by hook or by crook, we should have known that the Democrats would claim on April 1st that they had at least that many.

Given that Obamacare’s rollout has been consistently plagued by disasters ranging from its dangerously useless and embarrassingly expensive website to its insulting and outrageous advertising, it is fair to say that no intelligent person expected the bar Sebelius had set to be reached in time for the deadline.  Even those loyal suckers who supported Obama because of the ACA and actually wanted to sign up were unable to because of the sheer government inefficiency put into place.  Things looked so bleak so early that the administration soon began to backpedal and even Sebelius claimed she had never said anything about “seven-million” signups.  Unfortunately for her, this is the age of video cameras and the Internet, and so even the Obama media was unable to help her cover that one.

With no other alternative than to have seven-million successful signups by April 1st, here we are on April 1st with “seven-million successful signups.”  Remember that this shocking news is coming to us from the very same people who were telling us just a week ago that they had no idea how many people had signed on with Obamacare at that time because they had no way of tracking it.  Truly, today’s revelation was miraculous in all sorts of ways.

However, this is not the first time the Democrats have been able to suspiciously place certain numbers exactly where they needed to be for PR purposes.   Remember when Obama was initially trying to sell his health care takeover to the public and the (supposedly) nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office claimed the cost of the program would be “only” $940 billion.  This number was devised by the CBO in order to arrive at a cost lower than the cost of the Iraq war, and it was reached only by deceptive number-crunching such as playing fuzzy math with Medicare numbers.  (That’s why the CBO is only “supposedly” nonpartisan.)  Only after it was too late to matter did we learn the truth, and even the CBO has since heavily “revised” their estimates.

That’s just one example.  Another is how we have been receiving again-supposedly nonpartisan economic reports all through the Obama years which have painted the GDP and unemployment numbers in a light which consistently portrays his policies favorably whenever it is absolutely necessary.  In 2012, when it was said that the unemployment numbers were too high to allow for the possibility of Obama’s reelection, the unemployment rate miraculously took a dive just before the election.  These numbers are often—and quietly—revised later on, but only those of us who remember to look for them are ever aware of it.

This did not stop the media from participating in an all-day celebration today—again, April 1st!—by covering the news of the magical seven-million signups with complete jubilation rather than even a smidgen of skepticism.  Their job, as always, is not to question and investigate what Obama and the Democrats are telling us, but to repeat and amplify the claims of the administration.  “Another million beyond yesterday’s projections overnight?  On a website riddled with glitches and which was not even working at this time twenty-four hours ago?  Brilliant!”

Of course this allowed Barack Obama to take to the stage in a self-congratulatory celebration speech which actually sounded remarkably hostile and accusatory for someone who supposedly had every reason to feel good about how things were going.  True to the character we have come to know these part five years, Obama took this “happy” occasion to hurl attacks at his political adversaries, and did his best to intimidate and ridicule them into silence.  This was not the image of a man who felt he had done something great for the citizens of his country; this was a man who was angry that his actions and his decrees had been challenged.

The truth remains that Obamacare is a man-made disaster worse than even Obama’s critics ever could have predicted.  It has dragged down our economy, cost millions of jobs and billions of dollars, actually deprived more Americans of health care than supposedly provided them coverage, and it is still just in its startup phase.  All of this chaos has been the result of just trying to get people signed up for “coverage.”  Wait until they actually start to get sick.

And again, with all of this euphoria in the media and the administration continuing to bask in their own ludicrous claims, I have to ask . . . have any of them even paused to remind themselves what day today is?


On Super Bowl Sunday, shortly into his sixth year in the White House, an arrogantly condescending Barack Obama was questioned by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly about some of the many, many wrongs perpetrated by his administration thus far.  According to Obama, none of these wrongs exist, and are in fact the fabrications of Fox News and other citizens who have not yet agreed to bow down to the newly crowned Emperor Obama.  (He is “Emperor Obama” rather than “President Obama” after proclaiming that his telephone and pen allow him to use executive orders to nullify the Legislative Branch of the federal government.)  On the bright side, Obama is no longer blaming the Benghazi terror attack and the deaths of four Americans on some obscure filmmaker who insulted Islam; Benghazi is now Fox News’ fault for refusing to go along with the cover-up.

Finding a “most dishonest” moment in an Obama interview is usually a lot like trying to find the “most wasteful” use of taxpayer money by the federal government; there are simply too many to choose from, and you can’t pick just one.  However, on this occasion, we could probably say that it was Obama’s claim that there was “not a smidgen of corruption” in the IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups over the last few years.

Under Obama’s direction, the IRS investigated 292 conservative groups as opposed to 6 liberals.  Scrutiny of conservatives was much more intense, the liberal organizations were eventually approved, and conservatives were even besieged by additional government agencies like OSHA and the FBI, who sometimes admitted to their targets they even they didn’t know why they had been called in.

Obama feigned outrage when the story first broke, promising swift and decisive action.  This “action” took the form of such things as removing an acting commissioner who was already scheduled to retire in a few months, sentencing the infamous ringleader Lois Lerner to several months of paid vacation, and then reassigning and promoting and granting bonuses to corrupt individuals such as Lerner herself.

Now, after previously having assured us that he had personally dispensed justice on the scandal, Obama claims that there were never any wrongdoings to begin with.  But if that was the case, why did any of this “justice” have to be dished out in the first place?  Why did anyone have to step down?  Why did Lerner plead the 5th after she was called on to testify before committee?  And perhaps most incomprehensible of all, why has the FBI still not even bothered to interview a single victim of the IRS?  Interviewing the victims is one of the first steps in an investigation, and it is absolutely mandatory when seeking the truth in a matter like this!

Conservatives suspected from the outset that we were unlikely to see justice for the IRS targeting in any form, and sadly this is bearing out.  Obama has been protected in the past by the equally corrupt Eric Holder and his Department of Injustice, and for the IRS crimes the woman leading the investigation is Barbara Bosserman, a longtime Democrat activist who has personally donated almost $7000 of her own money to Barack Obama over recent years.  With a financial investment in Obama and his policies, Bosserman has a personal interest in making sure Obama and his administration escape accountability.

Some Republican congressmen like Trey Gowdy and Darrell Issa have certainly been doing their best to expose the administration’s corruption, but there is only so much they have been able to do with Democrats stonewalling.  As Gowdy has pointed out, “There’s a reason that students don’t grade their own papers.  There’s a reason defendants don’t sentence themselves.”  This is true of Benghazi, the IRS, and everything in between.  The reason Obama feels that he can go on national television and lie to the country about his crimes is because he knows that he will have help in escaping justice.

We already knew there was corruption at the very top with Obama, Holder, Lerner and the rest.  With the FBI not even conducting their legal obligation to interview victims, but readily agreeing to hassle innocent private citizens at the request of the IRS, we now know that the corruption also extends to the very bottom of numerous organizations controlled by the government.

Obama knows that his fellow elected Democrats will go along with anything he does and provide him legal protection.  Hell, they even applauded his State of the Union speech when he declared that he intended to make them obsolete in the legislature with his executive orders.  Likewise, he further knows that the Democrats who comprise upwards of 90% of the media will side with him and do their best to twist public opinion and misreport (or fail to report entirely) on his crimes.  Conservative Republicans are a token opposition, but even most of those holding seats in government refuse to deal as firmly as they should with the president because of his race.

Using the IRS as a political weapon is a serious crime, and was in fact one of the allegations leveled against Richard Nixon when both political parties, the media, and the entire nation forced him to step down.  Obama’s abuse with the IRS far exceeds anything anyone ever accused Nixon of, and it is just one in a series of abuses of power revealed to us over the last year.  Still, his loyal allies rally around him and protect him as long as his agenda is in line with their own.  Some, like Chuck Schumer, not only acknowledge that the IRS has handicapped the Tea Party, but also for that very reason are demanding even more of this.

The bottom line is that we will likely never see justice for any of the wrongs perpetrated by this administration as long as Obama and the Democrats remain in power.  No matter how severe their crimes, no matter how obvious their corruption, and no matter who gets hurt, their ends will justify their means.  This is the truth of what the rest of us are up against, and it tells us why we have to win.


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